Credit House is the Best Employer 2012 according to the survey

The results of the study and the prize itself are particularly valuable to us, because the company’s analysis is based, among others on employee evaluation.

We are pleased that we managed to achieve such a high level of employee involvement, because we perfectly understand that employee satisfaction and appropriate working conditions translate into success in achieving the business goals of the entire company.

It is worth emphasizing that the company’s goal


Is primarily to employ long-term employees and colleagues, which is why we are trying to create conditions that will allow them to be implemented and be associated with our organization for longer. When building the Credit House Loan and Credit, we tried to organize it so that both clients and employees feel at home here – emphasizes Robert Pepłoński, President of the Management Board of Credit House Loan and Credit SA

The company has undergone a survey for the second time. In the previous edition the company took third place in the large companies category.

We decided to participate in the study for the second time because we wanted to check whether the changes we implemented over the past year were properly selected and implemented. We are constantly monitoring the situation inside the company, especially now, because the Polish economy and financial market are in turmoil, and this has a big impact on the employees themselves as well as entire enterprises operating in the area of ​​finance. That is why in our area observing external factors and adapting rules to them within the company is of great importance – adds President Pepłoński.

About the study



The Best Employers Study has been conducted in Poland since 2006. Over the past seven years it has been carried out over 600 times in over 460 organizations employing over 400,000 employees. This year’s survey was attended by a total of 90 companies representing over 51195 respondents, including 3100 employees representing Best Employers and 48095 people employed in other companies. The study was conducted in the period from December 2011 to July 2012.

The Best Employers survey is based on a comprehensive methodology, which includes: a questionnaire engagement survey, conducted on a statistically representative sample of employees employed in the organization; a questionnaire for HR practices, gathering information on the tools used by the personnel department, a questionnaire for representatives of the top management, allowing assessment of the personnel function from the perspective of the persons managing the organization and indicating the most important market and managerial challenges.

In order to be on the list of Best Employers, an organization must achieve a minimum engagement rate of 65%. The place in the ranking is also affected by the result obtained under 4 indexes: engaging leadership, high performance culture, reliable employer brand and stability.

Loan and Credit appreciated many times

Loan and Credit appreciated many times


Loan and Credit SA is a laureate of many awards, distinctions and rankings, mainly in terms of the quality of services offered and generated revenues. It holds the second position in terms of sales of mortgage products (according to the data of the Association of Financial Consulting Companies).

In June 2011, the company took second place in the “small and medium companies” category in the 6th edition of the Best Employers 2011 study in Central and Eastern Europe, and third in the “large companies” category in Poland. Also in June 2011 it came third in the category of “most recognizable financial advisers in Poland” in the Housing Brand of the Year 2011 ranking.

In May 2011, the company won first place in the finance category for medium and small companies in the Golden Hundred Pomerania and Kujawy 2010 ranking In 2009, the Company received the Certificate of Business Credibility awarded by Dun & Bradstreet Poland to companies for the highest stability rating.

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