Discussion on the contribution of Poles in the Second World War UK loans

Admittedly, Poland is not as economically developed and rich as the countries of the west or north of Europe. However, there is a thing for which many inhabitants of these countries admire us. Well, this is our story and heroic fight for freedom. A British MP born in Poland decided to remind other members of parliament about our contribution to World War II.

Daniel Kawczyński was born in Poland, but as the only one of our countrymen he became a member of the British parliament. However, he did not forget about his roots.

He decided to remind the British of our common history


About how Poland contributed not only to the victory over Hitler and his allies, but also to the freedom of Great Britain itself, for which our soldiers fought. He told about it not only to anyone, among others MPs of the British parliament. He organized a special conference attended by over 20 of them, including a government representative. Let us remember that they are very influential people.

Those who co-decide not only on historical politics, but also on current relations with Poland and Polish immigrants. These people were familiar with this element of British-Polish history. However, it is important to remind others that 80 years ago we fought shoulder to shoulder with the Nazi invaders.

World War II began in Poland


In the first words of his speech, MP Kawczyński recalled the Ribbentrop-Molotov pact, which contained a clause regarding the partition of Poland. He mentioned that it was in London that the Polish government in exile took refuge and it was from this city that the most important orders were sent.

It operated until the 89th year, i.e. until the fall of communism. An important aspect of the speech were words about the masses of Polish soldiers who joined the British army and fought the Nazis on many European fronts and beyond.

The famous 303 Squadron and the Battle of Britain


He went on to one of the most glorious pages of the shared history, the famous 303 Squadron. His enormous impact on winning the Battle of Britain was found not only by Poles. The MP quoted the words of Lord Tebbit, who said that the RAF situation was difficult at that time, because if damaged planes could easily be replaced, then experienced pilots were not.

That is why Poles, who together with the British stood side by side to fight in one of the most important sky battles during World War II. The Lord even stated that the participation of Polish pilots tipped the scales of victory in favor of Great Britain.

Anders’ army and the victorious battle of Monte Cassino

General Władysław Anders was another famous figure not only in the fight for free Poland, but for the whole of Europe. Well, he liberated thousands of Polish soldiers from Soviet captivity and led them through Iran and Palestine to England. Along the way, his army became famous in numerous battles on many fronts.

The most important of them was the great and strategically important victory in the Battle of Monte Cassino. Conquering the hill has not been successful many times before, it was only the soldiers of Anders. It cost the lives of over a thousand of them (3,000 were injured).

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