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Learn how debt consolidation works and how to get a first feasibility answer quickly.

Click to learn more about debt consolidation

Debt consolidation is a banking operation proposed by DeDebt official and which makes it possible to reduce its monthly payments. The principle is relatively simple because the financial institution proposes to consolidate the credits in repayment, one by one then proposes a contract with the amounts due but on a single term and with a monthly payment that will be reduced.

The interest of this operation is to be able to find the balance in its finances, stability lost due to the accumulation of loans, whether voluntary or not. It is now possible to submit an online application and manage, remotely, the entirety of its credit redemption operation. It is also possible to buy back credits of different natures and even to add an additional amount for the financing of a personal project, all can even be funded online quickly.

Immediate response for his credit buyback

The repurchase of loans requires a solid and, above all, a thorough file instruction, containing a large list of supporting documents, but this fundamental step is only necessary at the time of the validation of the release of the funds, it is not necessary at the stage of the credit redemption simulation. It is, therefore, possible to obtain with the simulators present on the internet the first estimate free and without commitment.

The loan repurchase simulator can be used to fill in information specific to the borrower’s situation, such as the number of loans outstanding, the amounts remaining to be repaid and the monthly payments for each. It is then enough to supplement the incomes, the expenses of the hearth as well as the additional information to obtain the first notice of feasibility at the time of the validation, it is an automatic system which makes it possible to have an almost immediate answer.

Compare offers with online credit redemption

If the credit repurchase simulator makes it possible to quickly obtain a first estimate of its new reduced monthly payment, it also allows and above all to be able to compare the offers of the different credit institutions which can respond favorably to the request for consolidation of the loans, that you own your home or rent or rent. The comparison of several offers to buy credits is done on the total cost of the operation, so it is easier to judge the financial aspect of the offer.

Note that the borrower insurance is optional but recommended in a loan consolidation transaction, it is advisable to subscribe to this offer and check its presence during the online simulation, some banks routinely withdraw the insurance financing in their offers, while others make it appear, this data can play an important role in the evaluation of a loan buyback offer and in the comparison of the proposals received.

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